The customized Salus fire and life safety plan (FLS Plan)
for each client has three major components:

People Solutions

Imparting safety consciousness, knowledge, and skills.

IMT Solutions

Regular inspections, continuous maintenance, and continual testing of office or building fire and safety features, gears, and equipment – replacement..

Product Solutions

Introduction of products that will enhance safety in the workplace.

Salus is capable of providing solutions to fire and life safety issues within the workplace. It may be a total solution like a comprehensive Fire and Life Safety Plan (FLS Plan), it may be any of our off-the-shelf solutions, or it may be any tailored solution to particular issues.

The Salus FLS Plan is a formal document containing the assessment of risks in the facility and steps or solutions to mitigate or eliminate the risks. It consists of several modules. They may be applied in totality or in smaller collections. The Plan starts with assessments of building systems, facility management, and people readiness. Such assessments shall consider scenarios appropriate to the facility and will become the basis for the choice of solutions.

In general, the following are the basic steps in the development of an FLS Plan:

  • Identification and appraisal of accident-producing conditions and practices and the evaluation of the potential severity of the
  • The development of accident and loss-control methods, procedures, and programs;
  • The communication of information to those directly involved and/or may be affected; and
  • The measurement and evaluation of the accident and loss-control systems and the modifications that are required to obtain optimum results



Ensure safety through integrated fire safety, life safety, and emergency response