People, on their readiness and responses

Solution #1

Emergency response organization within the facility

As in any situation where a group of people desire to have a systematic approach to situations, a good organization is imperative. NRA solutions include helping organize an emergency response team within the office. For example, each defined work area will have its own emergency wardens to act as emergency response leaders. They play vital roles during evacuations as they command and guide the people during evacuation.


NRA provides training to impart the necessary skills to people responding to emergencies. Among the most common training needs are the following:

• First aid
• Training the first responders
• Training the office emergency volunteers

NRA can provide first aid training, from basic life support (also known as emergency first aid) to advanced life support (including CPR, use of AEDs or automated external defibrillators, and use of oxygen tanks).

Training the Rescuers

Rescue is another noble and useful endeavor that should be taken seriously.

It takes a different mind set and requires proper training to avoid making the rescuer another victim. There are many different kinds of rescue skills: from simple first aid to high angle (also called ‘rope’) rescue.  There is also ‘extrication’ rescue and other more technical rescues.  Depending on what may be needed in particular office situations, NRA provides different rescue skills.  The biggest requirement of a good rescuer is calmness in the face of stressful situations. This can only be obtained during proper training.


NRA conducts, in close association with the  office emergency response organization, regular drills – evacuation procedures, fire drills, and other emergency drills, say, for earthquakes, bomb threats, and unknown explosions. The purpose is not only to familiarize office people with the different kinds of emergencies that may happen in the office but more importantly, on how they should respond properly.


One purpose of these drills is to familiarize people with what may happen and to make their proper reactions almost automatic. However, there is still need to have certain people assume the roles of leaders in times of emergencies.

Emergency wardens are, therefore, assigned at specific areas of sectors. They make the decisions as to the proper responses to the emergency situations and lead people during the evacuations. They
are the reassuring presence that make the other employees know that the right decisions are being made. With these heavy responsibilities, emergency wardens are chosen carefully and trained properly.


By Philippine laws, fire drills must be conducted regularly.
In most cases, these fire drills are conducted in a superficial
manner, thereby negating its true benefits to building occupants
and to the non-people assets of the company.  With NRA, we take these fire drills – combined with evacuation drills – seriously.
In planning these drills, we look at the current attitude of
management and of the employees to these exercises and we
design the conduct of the drills accordingly. Our aim is to make
these drills meaningful and truly useful should the need to employ
the lessons come –


Ensure safety through integrated fire safety, life safety, and emergency response